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We provide free and confidential consultations with licensed Doctors and Pharmacists.



Refill your prescription medicine with the minimum of fuss by Ordering Online.

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Welcome to America's premier mail order facilitator for your medications - - providing free consultations that enable you to request your medication. When your request is approved the physician sends his prescription to one of our pharmacies to dispense quality, affordable non controlled drugs from our store to your door. Request your prescription medications through and benefit from:


Medication Name




ButAPAPCaff (Fioricet Generic)

180 Tablets

50/325/40 mg

Gababentin (Tramadol replacement)

300 Tab.

600 mg

Celecoxib (Celebrex generic)

240 Cap.

200 mg

Atorvastatin (Lipitor generic)

84 Tab.

20 mg

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  • Customer Service Phone Number : 1-888-344-1379
  • Pharmacy Phone Number : 1-888-344-1379
  • Pharmacy Name : Candover Pharmacy
  • Address : 14960 Woodcarver Road Suite 103 Colorado Springs CO 80921